Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

She Stoops to Conquer has almost All the elements of a Romantic Comedy. The following discussion over the topic will make you more specific and also broaden your conception:

• The very mingling of sad events with amusing scenes is Romantic. In the play, She Stoops to Conquer,  Tony’s misdirection towards Marlow and Hastings, Mrs. Hardcastle’s experience of the horsepond, Tony’s revenge on his Mother- all are sad events, but the play in its total effect provides much amazement and laughter.

• In Romania Comedies, there are several love affairs. She Stoops to Conquer deals with the love affairs of Marlow and Kate, and Hastings and Miss Neville. There is also a mock love affair of Tony and Miss Neville and a reference to the love affair of Tony and Bet Bouncer.

• Love, at first sight, is a characteristic feature of romantic comedy and in the play, we find that Miss Hardcastle falls in love with Marlow at first sight.

• Like a romantic comedy, in  She Stoops to Conquer we love in disguise. Miss Hardcastle wins the hand of Marlow curing his strange oddities being disguised first as a bar-maid and as the poor relation of the family.

• Romantic comedy deals with double plots. She Stoops to Conquer also consists of double plots.  The main plot consists of the Marlow-Kate love affair and the subplot of the Hastings-Neville love affair.

• Intrigues are used against in Romantic Comedy and in the play, we find Tony‘s intrigues against his mother, against Marlow and Hastings, and so on.

She Stoops to Conquer is a romantic comedy. It is built on the Romance of love. Miss Hardcastle is its romantic heroine.

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