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Amazon Prime Video Cookies 2021
Are you searching for any ways to use amazon prime video for free? Then congratulations! Because today we are sharing amazon prime video cookies for free. I personally use this cookie to watch prime videos for free.

Today I am going to teach you a step-by-step method so that you can use prime video account for free on your android and computer. I am writing this post for both a techy person and an average person like my brother so that anyone can use it without any hustle.

Now, before going to our main topic, let’s get some knowledge about amazon prime membership.

Amazon launched its Internet Video On Demand service on December 14, 2016. Prime Video is an online video streaming service that provides thousand and millions of movies, tv-shows, web series, and cartoons. But to access all of this great stuff, you have to buy their premium membership, which costs around $12.99/month or $119/year.

By becoming a prime member, you will get lots of facilities from amazon like one-day delivery, special discount on products, and first access to any deals. Amazon Prime Video Cookies 2021

But today, we will give you amazon prime video cookies for free. These cookies are 101% working, and we update it every hour.

So, below, we are sharing free amazon prime video account cookies that are easy to access, easy to use, and most importantly, you can now use prime membership account for free.

We are updating these cookies every hour to make sure that you must get working cookies. If you found any cookies dead/not working, then comment down also, you can message us on our live chatbox.

Note: Don’t log out after using cookies! Logging out from your system makes it dead!

Note: If the above cookies do not work, then you can create your own Prime Video account for free using a trick that I shared on the telegram channel.

You can copy fresh and working prime video cookies from the above table.

But keep in mind that after using cookies, either the direct close window or close that browser. Never log out from that account. This makes cookies expired, and you may have to wait for new working prime cookies.

What are browser cookies? How do they work?

So, to use amazon prime video free cookies, you must have to knowledge about what cookies is ? and how it helps to access premium account.

Cookies are the smallest part of data that stores User credentials like username, password, and IP for a specific time on the client’s computers/mobile. These cookies work as your identification card, which means the server identifies the user with the help of these cookies.

For example, you may notice that many sites like Facebook, Gmail, or Instagram want access to your cookies. After allowing access, we didn’t need to enter the username and password each time we are logging.

Storing login credential in cookies saves time and provide a better user experience. Also, the user doesn’t get frustrated by entering username and password again and again.

So eventually, we are using these cookies to log in to Amazon Prime account for free.

These cookies are server-based; that means whenever a user logout from Prime video account, cookies will expire.

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