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Netflix Premium Cookies
Do you want to access Netflix for free with Netflix cookies?

Netflix is a very popular OTT platform where you can watch movies, web series, tv shows, and anime etc. If you go to the Netflix website to get their subscription you need to pay ₹799 per month to watch content on Netflix.

But if you want to watch Netflix without paying a single penny I will tell you step by step how to get Netflix account for free. If you need Free Netflix Account With Login Details check our article where I share free Netflix accounts.

In this article, I will share working Netflix cookies with you. With the help of these cookies, you can access Netflix account for free and watch anything on Netflix for free.

Before sharing the cookies let me tell you what is cookies and how it works.

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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are the text files of data. Like username and password that are used to identify the user and network.

How Cookies Work?

Whenever you open any website in your browser and login into your account your browsers will save your login details in a file and that file is called the cookies file.

When you came back to that website on the same browser you will be logged in directly to your account without entering your login details because your browser already has your login details in that cookies file.

Note: Cookies only worked until you log out from your account. Once you log out from your account then old cookies can’t be used to log in again.

What are Netflix Cookies?

As I told you above cookies are files that contain user data. So the Netflix cookies are the file that contains Netflix account login details (Netflix Email and Password).

Cookies are used by browsers to remember the login details of the website. This thing is to make the user experience good.

The website uses cookies to detect user data like emails and sessions so that users do not have to log in again and again. The website uses cookies to autologin in the website.

Cookies will be expired whenever you log out from that particular website. So if once you logged into a Netflix account by using Netflix cookies then don’t log out.

Because you can’t log in again using the same cookies once you log out cookies will expire and you can’t use that again.

Same like any other website Netflix also use cookies to verify user details and when you log in to your Netflix account browser will save your details and when you came back to the Netflix website it will use those cookies to auto login to your Netflix account.

Now you can understand what are cookies and how they work.

Can we log in with the same cookies in different browsers?

Yes, you can log in with the same cookies in a different browser. When you log in to any website browser will save your details as cookies and if you want to use those cookies on another browser just export those cookies and insert them to another browser to log in without a username and password.

How to use Netflix Cookies to log in to Netflix?

If you have working Netflix cookies you can easily log in to Netflix for free. Don’t Worry about Netflix cookies Working Netflix cookies added below.

To login into Netflix by using cookies you need to add an extension to your web browser.

Follow the below steps to add the extension to your browser


  • Save
cookie editor for Netflix cookies
  • Click on add to chrome and the extension will be installed on your browser.


  • Save
Adding cookie editor chrome extension
  • That is it extension is installed on your browser and it’s available in the top right side of your browser.


  • Save

Now we added cookie editor chrome extension to our browser. After that, we need to insert working Netflix cookies into our browser.

To insert Netflix cookies to your browser follow below steps

  • Copy cookies are given below and Go to the website.


  • Save
  • After opening the Netflix website click on the cookies editor extension in the top right section of your browser.
  • Here you will see four options ( Add, Delete All, Import, and export) You need to click on delete all to clear the cookies of the Netflix website.


  • Save
  • Now again click on the extension and then click on the Insert option.


  • Save
  • Paste cookies in the given box and again click on insert.


  • Save
  • After that just refresh to page and boom you are logged into Netflix for free.


  • Save
  • Select This Profile

This is how you can get Netflix for free by using Netflix cookies.

Note: Never log out after login to your Netflix account because if you log out the cookies will expire and you can’t use the same Netflix cookies to log in again.

If you don’t want to use this account don’t log out just clear cookies and you will be automatically logged out from Netflix. Netflix Premium Cookies (Hourly Update)

How To Clear Cookies?

clearing cookies is very easy and simple you need to use the same cookie editor extension that we use to insert the working Netflix cookies. Netflix Cookies: 100% working Cookies (Hourly Update)

Follow the below steps to clear cookies

  • Go to Netflix website
  • Click on the extension and here you will see four option click on the second option “delete all”.
  • That is it you cleared the cookies without affecting the working Netflix Premium Cookies.


Working Cookies For Netflix

Note: If given cookies are not Working just tell me on telegram and I will share new updated Netflix cookies with you.

Pin to access Netflix is : Message Telegram:- Downaio

These are the working cookies for the Netflix account.

Note: If given cookies are not working tell me on telegram or Instagram I will update them and provide new update and working Netflix cookies.

Password for cookies =

Use above password to access Netflix premium cookies for free

Note: Don’t log out after inserting cookies into your browser. If you did you can’t use the same cookies to re-login.

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