Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Intel is gearing up to do well in the graphics card market this time around, with Intel coming up with its own graphics card for the desktop.

Earlier, Intel shared graphics memory with processors and RAM. Now they are bringing specialized graphics cards to the market.

However, buyers will not have to buy this graphics card in the market separately, this graphics card from Intel will be available only on the built-in computer.

Intel does not have the option to sell separately.

Intel named their graphics card the Irish XE. Intel is building this graphics card with a number of affiliates, including their partner Asus.

Intel was the first to announce this at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Intel is already offering graphics cards on laptops but this is the first time Intel is offering graphics cards on laptops.

This Intel desktop graphics card will have 4 GB of memory and 3 types of display output ports. However, it has been reported that this desktop graphics card from Intel will not be good for general users who want to get a gaming PC.

However, those who like the game will be disappointed and Intel is reportedly creating a separate graphics card for them.

However, this is not the first time that Intel is making a graphics card for the desktop, but it is true that this time Intel is walking the path of light with a computer graphics card.

On the other hand, many good companies are already popular for computer graphics cards. Among them, it is also a matter of wondering how much better the Intel computer graphics card will do or will win the hearts of the customers.

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